Failed to upgrade "Deck extension"... can't access anymore to Nextcloud

I just wanted to upgrade the “Deck Kanban” extension, but it didn’t work… We can’t log-in anymore and just get the “maintenance” page !

How and where can I repair that ? Thank you !

Yeah happend to me too. You have to manually disable maintenance mode with occ. Something like:

sudo -u apache php occ maintenance:mode --off

Thank you Thomas.

Just to precise for those who could meet the same situation. As “occ” couldn’t open, I’ve found that the complete path /var/www/nextcloud/occ (for me) worked perfectly.
After this command, the website asked to begin the update. (The maintenance mode seems to be quite harmless. I thought it was the signal of an error during the update.)

ah good to know, so it wasn’t my local installation… I had to do that too.

had the same problem, alternatively to the occ command, you can edit the config/config.php file and remove the line
'maintenance' => true,
and refresh the page

I’m using nextcloud inside PROXMOX 5.0, I’m mostly using and testing nextcloud.
I managed to upgrade from 11 to 12.0.3 this way

So after upgrading DECK 0.24 to 0.25 I was unable to login and I was just gettin “maintenace mode” page.

su - -s /bin/bash www-data -c 'php /usr/share/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off’
After this command, the website asked to begin the update
This command has worked.
I had a last snapshot of the NEXTCLOUD VIRTUALMACHINE/CONTAINER made a month ago.
Did I risk to corrupt my DATA using the old snapshots of NEXTCLOUD VIRTUALMACHINE/CONTAINER ?? ( I have a smartphone client and a home computer client).
I was supposing that all my files on my client computer were going to upload again in the NEXTCLOUD VIRTUALMACHINE/CONTAINER , cause the server had to recognize that they were created after,was I wrong about taht??

If I was unable to repair(OR TILL I WAS ABLE), I would have preferred to use my nextcloud of a month ago then to do not have it till a solution.
I’m asking myself about how to backup also DECK, CALENDAR, APP, NOTES , FILES ,CONTACTS,BOOKMARKS… and how to keep using NEXTCLOUD in case of a problem like this.

Being an home-user I’m trying to find a solution , cause I don’t want to risk again to loose all together cause an upgrade becomes so risky.

To backup seems to me a weak point of nextcloud , so I’m asking some more info about that. I’ll do some experiments with turnkey-hub in future. To find a way to do a snapshot daily of my “NEXTCLOUD VIRTUALMACHINE/CONTAINER” can it be considered a good practice, I mean inside PROXMOX in my case ???
I’m actually doing snapshots manually insiede PROXMOC , but I can look for a way to do them automatically if it can be considered a solution too. There’s also a backup option inside PROXMOX that I can investigate more… which is your idea about that ??

thanks in advance, sorry if a bit out of topic the last part.

exactly this is the way to go. Had the issue on all my instances on upgrading deck.

I had the same problem.