Failed to download files, they remain at 0B


I have some issue with my Nextcloud application.
When try to download a file on my smartphone, the download runs but the file still remains at 0B.

File before download attempt
File after download attempt
When I reload the server contents (finger down), the size is again 28 Kb

I can create a text file from the application but it will not be sent to the server. It will always remain on the phone at 0B regardless of the length of the text written there.

But apart from that I don’t have a problem with the application, I can always copy a file (present on the server) to another location, rename it, create folders …

With another smartphone I have no problem.
Does anyone have any idea where this could come from ?

It doesn’t come from the server or the application, because it works with another smartphone.
From the phone operating system ? possible, but of what type ? This is not a right issue … Do you know where I can find logs ?

This is a known bug in 3.28.1 that has already been fixed in 3.28.2, which will be available from Google Play and F-Droid soon: 3.28.1 doesn't recognize filesize of fresh uploaded files · Issue #12822 · nextcloud/android · GitHub


ho ok.
Thanks for the information, I hadn’t seen this issue on GitHub.