Failed to connect to Nextcloud


Fresh sudo snap install nextcloud on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 server. Now what. Navigating to .local does not resolve. Cannot connect to .local with the Nextcloud client either. Please point me to some docs on this. I can’t seem to find any.

It’ll assume the IP of the machine you installed it on, so type that into your browser.

Thank you Jason. I was following the instructions a little toooo closely (“use hostname.local”) and didn’t check the IP of the box (so lame).

One more question: Did something in the Nextcloud Snap change recently? I could have swore that I installed with sudo snap install nextcloud, visited hostname.local, and was introduced to the setup wizard. I was then able to connect my other devices after creating users.

With this latest install, I use the IP of the host to access and i’m greeted with an Apache configure message. I’m certain I didn’t have to configure Apache previously.