"Failed to connect to Nextcloud" "host not found"

Nextcloud is awesome – thank you!

I am attempting to connect to my desktop-client (version 2.3.3 running Ubuntu kernel 4.15.0-23) to my server. It complains Failed to connect to Nextcloud…host not found.

However, I can connect to Nextcloud’s status.php via my browser (after accepting a self-signed certificate), and my desktop-client on my Manjora Linux machine also connects fine, so I presume it is a problem on the Ubuntu machine’s desktop client…

PS. When i try to access via the ip address instead of host name, then it

  1. Asks me whether I want to trust the untrusted certificate anyway
  2. When I click ok, then I get the message Moved Permanently.
  3. When I click ok, then I’m back to where I need to enter the server address.

Hi Jan-Jan,

I am facing the same issue.

Did you finally resolve that problem ?


Hi @keo

what version of the client do you use? Are you connecting via http or https?
Is the error permanently or sporadically present?


My first suggestion would be try running a modern version of the desktop client and see if that fixes it. The current version is 2.6.4.

Is this version ‘2.6.4’ available for ubuntu 20.04? I cannot get a connection from desktop on my workstation.