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We’re working with Nextcloud as our pipeline solution for a film project and we’re currently stuggling with one of our artists who can’t connect to our Nextcloud through the client (on Windows 10) and gets the following Error:


With exactly the same link, his client wouldn’t connect, while the rest of the team has no issues at all. On his troubled machine, he can connect perfectly fine through the browser - but we need to client to sync the files constantly.

Any thoughts??? :frowning:

Thanks for any help,

(PS: We are students at a German Film School and the artist who can’t connect is from Costa Rica with whom we want to collaborate. The Nextcloud is hosted by our IT and I’m still waiting for their reply, but I thought maybe I’d get some advice here as this is quite urgent.)

Hello @Michael_Ehler

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The computer use a proxy ?
What is the version of the app client ?

Thank you.

I don’t know if that site is real that you posted, but it doesn’t resolve for me. Are you sure the URL is correct?

Did you just fix it, The url just came up

Thanks for your lightning fast feedback!

So the client is the latest stable build, which is 2.6.4 and no, we are not using a proxy - we did however try using Cyberghost Proxy connected to Germany as well, and it did not make a difference. Exactly the same error.

Our IT just suggested us that Firewall/Antivirus might be causing the issue. We will investigate that first. Do you have experience with that or which ports need to be excluded from the firewall? We’ll just try shutting off everything, but that’s no permanent solution.


Perhaps you can test it with a 60-minutes-test-account:

Does ist work with browser and app on the problem pc?
I think than it is really a client problem.


Ok, normally the client uses ports 80 and 443 unless another port is specified.

When I try to access your website, I can’t resolve the domain name.

Bye works for me.

Yes sorry.

Works for me. In my browser and my Nextcloud client.

Hello guys, thanks for the suggestions, but nothing worked. Antivirus as well as Firewall were disabled, same thing.

I guess we’re just going to have to give up on Nextcloud unless there’s something else we forgot. :frowning:


Tip 1

Can you try this: ping
In a cmd.

Give me the results.

Tip 2 :
In the Nextcloud Client try this :
replace by


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Alright, thanks for the further support, I really appreciate it.

Those are the results from our remote artist in Costa Rica:



Ok, try this please :
1 : Uninstall nextcloud client.
2 : remove the folder : AppData/Roaming/NextCloud/
3 : reinstall the Nextcloud client
4 : Try connecting to your Nextcloud server.

source : Problem Installing Windows Client


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OH GOD that finally worked, thank you so much!!! <3
Merci mille fois monsieur didi!


Ha vous êtes français :slight_smile: