Failed connection to a Nextcloud istance from android client

Hi everybody,

Maybe somebody can help me facing this issue.

I have 2 Nextcloud instances. The /e/ instance and another instance coming from an association I belong (Exit that is an Italian association that shares knowledge about privacy items and gives some services privacy oriented like a nextcloud cloud space).

I access to them both using Android Nextcloud client on m FP3. The /e/ is running well while suddenly I’m not able anymore longer to the access to the association instance.

What I can note is that suddenly the acces to the association instance seems do attemps to work with the location permission. I don’t know why since the app is not allowed to access the location data. So in my mind it could be something related to the server setups.

I leave an link where you can find the little video where you can see the behavior

Thanks in advance to anybody can give me a cloue.