Fail2ban with brute force module question

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Just wondering if I have fail2ban installed on the server and configured to monitor the nc17 install, do I need the services of the brute force module within nc17?

Or do they actually provide different services for the server?


They did something that can learn your behaviour and then perhaps whitelist IPs. fail2ban in general blocks already at network level. However, be careful, IPs can be shared (proxies for companies, carrier-grade NAT, …)

The Brute-force settings app should be included in a more current NC install by default and please consult the NC 16 Docs » Apps management to always ensure to not disable the Brute-force settings app inadvertently. IMHO fail2ban cannot be an alternative to the NC brute-force app and should be understood as an additional security effort.

Please be aware the fail2ban is not just “out of the box” nor “fire and forget”. To the opposite you have to check the setup and consider your security policy.
Usually, one has to enable certain filters in due deliberation as an educated sys admin.

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Thank you TP75 for the extended response and explanation.


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I appreciate the advice to use brute-force over fail2ban (I use both), but Nextcloud 25 says brute force is no longer supported. Is there a different module to replace, or was this overlooked?