Fail to install nextcloud Application on the TrueNAS Scale

I tried to install the nextcloud Application on the TrueNAS Scale system (Version:
TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.0), the nextcloud Application version information is as follows

Catalog: official
Train: charts
Categories: productivity
Version: 1.3.13(Healthy)

I use all the default values when installing the nextcloud Application.
After installation has finished, the following error message shows up when the nextCloud application is started (
內部伺服器錯誤 ( internal server error )
伺服器無法完成你的請求。( Server can not complete your request. )

( If this issue repeats, send the following technical information to the administrator. )

( There are more detail information in the log file. )

技術細節 ( technical details )
遠端位置 (IP):
請求編號( request number ):zgy7vMCywmWMzQUz7rnC

Please advise what to do. Thank you.

I change the following nextcloud-Application setting from checked to unchecked, the error in the article goes away:
Enable Host Path for Nextcloud Data Volume

Now, nextCloud works and responds with more settings.
It seems that I misunderstand the meaning of the above setting.
I will check it out, what is going on.