Fail to activate LDAP in Nextcloud 26

Good afternoon,

Install Nextcloud 26.0.2 I need to integrate it with LDAP but when installing php-ldap it does not allow activating the LDAP user and group backend (This app cannot be installed because the following dependencies are not fulfilled: The library ldap is not available).

Rocky 8 operating system
Apache/2.4.37 (rocky)

I appreciate any help

If you are installing a PHP module it usually requires to have all required libraries installed too. By default all dependencies should automatically installed but this seems not the case on your server. In this case you need to install the required ldap library package on your own.
I personally do not know Rocky 8, therefore I cannot provide the exact command to you to install the package.

I don’t know RHEL and its derivatives like Rocky Linux very well either, but on their web site, the ldap libary is listed as a dependency of php-ldap, and should therfore be installed automatically when installing the php-ldap package:

However, two things come to mind that might cause the issue:

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As you can see the installation is correct. There is no dependency.