Face recognation nextcloudpi docker

i am using nextcloud with nextcloudpi docker image on a odroid h2 with debian 11 and want to install the face recognation app. Sadly i had pdlib error.
Searching the www was without success. Is there a way to install the app or by using an additional docker image? Thx for helping!

There is a lot info when searching pdlib docker or nextcloud pdlib. It’ll need an additional docker image to setup:


Have your read facerecognition/README.md at master · matiasdelellis/facerecognition · GitHub ?

Thanks you for your fast reply!
Yes I saw those docker files but I thoght thats only for original nc docker usage or stand alone images. Will setup an non productive ncp with my odroid c2 and try it. Is there an howto for linking the ncp docker and the pdlib image? The whole process is looking a bit more complicated :frowning:

It is somewhat complicated. You’ll be the first person to set this up so no documentation yet, on ncp afaik, but of course we can just continue the conversation here while you figure it out. Selfhosting is sometimes fun but not easy, plus we are just volunteers. :wink:

Connecting docker containers is all detailed in docker documentation. You’ll just need to google or similar.