Extremely slow upload speeds - 2KB/s

installed the docker and am trying to add some files from the computer the docker is on to the nextcloud. the data is on a different drive from the data drive for nextcloud. I’m only getting 2KB/s. Anyone know why this would be. The server has like 128GB of RAM and like 32 cores. overall utilization is around 6% and the ram is never close to used up.

external storage cause Nextcloud to become really slow. Read Slow desktop client sync and External storage app extremely slow down the system for details

no it’s all on a supermicro server on internal drives

How did you configure the data location of the Nextcloud instance ? Did you set the path of the entire data directory on the data drive ?

Maybe check your php-fpm config. There are a few articles on the Internet about “Optimizing Nextcloud Performance”. They often change how much RAM php can allocate and how many php processes can exist at the same time. Maybe the problem is there.

Wich Nextcloud Version do you use ?

Is the integrated Collabora CODE server app active ? I had a lot of inexplicable performance problems with that app enabled.