Extra files found on update 19.0.1 -> 19.0.2

Nextcloud version : 19.0.1
Operating system and version: Linux 4.14.154-ovh-vps-grsec-zfs-classid x86_64
PHP version : 7.3.18

I’m trying to update to v19.0.2 with the updater. On the first try:

The following extra files have been found:
    * dataw

I opened my SSH console and moved dataw out of my nextcloud folder. Tried again:

Could not create $updaterDir (and writing to log failed also with: Could not open updater.log)

I looked around, no updater.log in my folder.
I reloaded the updater and back to square 1, dataw was back! I looked into and found a updater.log.

So I’m a bit confused: it seems like it “need” dataw but can’t have it from the start? Anyway, what could/should I do to update?

Thank you!