Externall access

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Here is my story: I didn’t have Internet for a few days, the problem turned out to be a faulty modem, the provider replaced it, and now I have Internet. I logged into the server normally through ssh using the local address, managed to log in, but it was complaining that it needed a restart. After the restart, it wouldn’t come up because I had a message that in mdadm.conf two devices had the same UID. But I managed to fix that, and the server started up. However, now there’s an issue with accessing it from the outside. On OVH, I have the DNS set from my external address to the domain address. When I do a host lookup, the domain address correctly points to the external address. I didn’t change anything in the Nextcloud configuration, so it should be fine, but I still reviewed all the configs yesterday, and everything seems the same. I made some fixes with the help of ChatGPT, so now I have some changes, but it seems like it should be fine. The internal address of the server and my external IP haven’t changed, but it still doesn’t work. I spent several hours on this yesterday and I’m out of ideas. I wanted to mention that I’m not very proficient in Linux, so if anyone has any ideas on what else I can check or how to fix this, or if you need more info, like logs, I would appreciate clear instructions

Is the modem also used as a router? If so, did you set up port forwarding to your server again in the new modem/router?

Modem is set as bridge, so my router doing all the job, and I didn’t changed anything on it. But just to make sure I checked and I have port forwarding for my externall IP for 80 and 443.

Can someone could trace with me this problem, some configs I need to show or logs?