External User Authentication not compatible with Nextcloud 28

I鈥檝e been waiting on doing an upgrade to an instance of Nextcloud because there is not compatible version of External User Authentication released for Nextcloud 28. It looks like the fix has been applied and it was as simple as someone bumping up the max-version in the info.xml file. From what I understand and from what I can see that change hasn鈥檛 been released so my instance can鈥檛 be upgraded.

Here is the issue: Nextcloud 28 support 路 Issue #240 路 nextcloud/user_external 路 GitHub

Can anyone help me figure out what needs to be done or who needs to be contacted to get this released? The big problem with this falling behind official releases is that it is a very useful app and it is also listed in the official documentation.

I鈥檇 hate for someone to decide that it should no longer be listed in the official docs because it isn鈥檛 getting updated along with the main releases. My hope is that the other side of the issue gets solved and it stays up to date.

Came to the forum to write this exact post so thanks for trying to get some attention here. With only 32 days to go for the release of Nextcloud 29 compatibility with that next version should also be on Nextclouds agenda IMHO.

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It is a really good feature to have as I鈥檓 able to allow authentication against my Samba4 domain controller and users don鈥檛 have to maintain different passwords for the two systems. And like I stated before, it鈥檚 in the documentation so it makes sense to update it with the core system.

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Is there an answer to this question or any kind of official response on this? It seems absurd that something as useful, important and officially documented as external_authentication could go this far into a Nextcloud release and not get an update.

How do we get the attention of someone who can answer this?

I鈥檓 incredibly grateful for the hard work that people put into Nextcloud and I have a very high level of respect for everyone involved, but to have something like this not even getting a response is鈥et鈥檚 just say not good.

What is the proper way to bring attention to this?

I see that the update was finally pushed out and I thank the person or people the were responsible for getting that done.

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Now lets beg for version 29 support!

Have you tried force enabling the app to see if there are any problems with running it as-is?

AFAIK user_external is a community maintained app. You鈥檙e welcome to submit a PR that updates the version requirement in the info.xml to push things along. (If that appears to be all that鈥檚 needed; I do not know since I don鈥檛 use this app).

I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 the problem here, last time around there was a PR made already in December while the release was delayed until April.

It鈥檚 not an officially supported app[1]. Though admittedly this one is a little weird because it has some history from the OC days I guess.

If the app is important to you:

  • help out by testing it with v29 (as-is, by enabling it as an untested app in your environment or a test environment) and then reporting back about how well it functions (i.e. in the open 鈥渁dding v29 support鈥 Issue)
  • submit a PR to fix anything necessary for v29 support
  • test any v29 support PRs that get opened
  • help out with other unrelated open issues in the repository (i.e. fellow users that need support or reproducing bug reports) to free up maintainer time

This is the only way things move forward. The maintainers are volunteers gifting the app to you.

Any help you can give them makes things move faster and improves the app.

Things will inescapably vary depending on maintainer own workloads, lives, priorities, and interests.

Also depending on who steps up to help out the primary maintainers.

And if you鈥檙e relying on it in a commercial setting, you may want to support the maintainers in some other capacity (but I鈥檓 just speaking generically; I have no idea the real needs in this app since I鈥檓 not a user of it myself).

[1] Supported apps 鈥 Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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Ah good catch, didn鈥檛 know it wasn鈥檛 a supported app. The app is mentioned in the documentation at User management / User authentication with IMAP, SMB, FTP and others though.

Completely agree on all other points; already very grateful this app exists. I already contacted the developer last year to see if I can help him in any possible way.


No disrespect to the devs and all appreciation of their donated time. Realizing it is not an officially supported app I think that needs to be reflected somewhere in the official docs because it is a feature that is very useful and I think wanted. Having it in the official docs gives the impression that it is available and ready for use. Maybe some of this functionality could go into core somewhere?

Here鈥檚 a question you can answer though. The PR was made and the changes were done but from what I can tell we aren鈥檛 able to make those changes ourselves in our instances because the code needs signed? My instance gave an error when I tried to manually update my local copies of the files.

The next problem is that it took SO MUCH BLOODY TIME to finally get any kind of a response on this. Again, all respect to everyone involved paid or volunteer and I understand how things can go but it is tough when responses on things aren鈥檛 being offered through any channels. What can be done for this?