External storage unavailable leads to whole nextcloud instance unavailable

I have several different external storage configured (mostly smb).
Every once in a while, one of the smb server goes down. There’s different reasons for that, but for the moment not much can be done about it. In any case, the datas are not critical, no big deal if they’re not available for a few hours or even a full day.
The problem is that, when this server stops, We get a message when trying to connect to nextcloud saying that an external storage is unavailable. Nextcloud is then no longer available.
Is it considered normal that the access to all the files of nextcloud are getting blocked because one random external storage doesn’t work.
I would have expected a warning message with some indications about which folders are affected.
The workaround is probably going to be a system mount of the CIFS fs on linux and an external storage pointing to the local mounting point.

Any thoughts


Please don’t tell me I’m the only one having that problem…

I do test it, by bringing down smb service on destination so that nextcloud could not reach it. It still works, just can’t access the external storage.

Seems strange, I finally resolved to use occ to list my external storages and delete the faulty storage.
In my configuration, I add 2 storages pointing to 2 differents drives hosted by the same server. Both configuration are exactly the same (except for the name of the share of course) but only one had the problem. I deleted it and nextcloud became available again. The remaining share was just not accessible, but it worked.
I’ll investigate the external storage config dump I made before deleting the faulty storage and report back…