External Storage Support -> SFTP -> public key -> ED25519

Hey there!

I’m using external storage with my Nextcloud installation, connected via SFTP and public key authentication.

In Nextcloud I can choose RSA public key¹ (Apps -> Administration -> External storages -> Authentication), but I prefer my servers to be configured to ed25519 public keys only.

I suggested to add ed25519 support in GitHub², but @nickvergessen send me here, so here I am! :wink:

¹ External Storage authentication mechanisms — Nextcloud 13 Administration Manual 13 documentation
² Feature Request: ED25519 SSH-Keypairs · Issue #85 · nextcloud/external · GitHub

I second the notion for ed25519 to be included as a feature update.

I am concerned with the keylength used for RSA. 1024 isnt classed as secure any more and the min should be 2048 (as per ssh-keygen) but 4096 would be preferable.