External storage SMB mount shares not working on some windows servers

unable to mount external SMB shares on certain windows servers. permissions have been checked and have set min and max SMB versions in smb.conf, still does not work

I seem to have a similar issue in this regards.

Seems that a clean install with no Microsoft OS patches is working fine - either WORKGROUP/ domain based servers.

All of the suggested changes to the smb.conf file (min/ max client protocols) does not resolve the issue.


I have the same problem. I tried several things.

I use a Windows Server 2019 as fileserver. I have some shares and can connect to them from other Windows system. I can also mount the share within the nextcloud ubuntu environment. Using “mount -t …” with the option “ver=3.0” is possible. Shares works fine.

But trying to use the share just with external storage app using smb/cifs is not possible, never a green light.

The same way I built a share on a Windows 10 Pro system. To use that within the external storage app is no problem, it works fine. Just the shares from the Windows Server are not working directly (also using domain does not help).

Anybody any idea why it is not working directly with Windows Server shares? I don’t want to go the way via fstab to mount these shares first before using them in the external storage app as local…

Thanks for any help!


OK, I just figured it out…

I had already installed libsmbclient and smbclient. I also had the entries of client min and max protocol in the smb.conf file.

The only thing I missed was this:

sudo apt install smbclient php-smbclient

After that and a reboot of the system I now can use the Windows Server shares directly.