External storage SMB/CFIS

We are using NC 26.0 and we are able to connect to our NAS server just fine. The files are saved on the NAS instead of the NC server, which was the goal.

This is how it was set up on my previous NC server as well.

But there is a difference this time.

In my previous installation, in my files directory, all files that I saved in my main files directory were stored on the NAS.

In this new version, there is a folder called data and files are stored here.

I played with things a little. I was able to change the name of the folder that gets listed in my filed directory, and files are stored in this new folder.

But, if I remove the name of the of the folder(assuming rightly or wrongly that all files in the files directory will just be saved to the main files directory), then a newly saved file does not appear on the NAS.

How can I get the NC to store all files in the main directory on my external storage(my NAS) and not in a folder?



You can use external storage as primary storage. Setting this up can be a bit tricky, there are some tutorials and I’m not sure about the limits (mainly it’s with object storage, other types SMB/NFS might work as well). Other way can be to mount a data folder via SMB/NFS to the file system (on your Linux system) and then use it as data folder (Nextcloud doesn’t see it’s external).

I don’t know how you installed it before, don’t you have the old instructions to check?