External storage (sftp linked) for beta nextcloud 11

i do linked an sftp access to my nextcloud (updated to 11 last version).
But actually, it seems to never refresh list of content, because after add files to my storage linked by sftp (from outside), it doesn’t read new existing files (one week now…).
So i think this is a bug story (maybe…).

For more precision, i do on my server a link between HUBIC (OVH cloud) storage to my server (mount with fuse and svfs on boot by systemd automation .mount file), then i do a group and user for sftp with openssh (that’s works fine, i can use it from any sftp client…). After that, i created a directory named “Le bureau des légendes” from nextcloud application. Then, i do a synchronisation of files from my computer to this nex directory with “rclone” application (works perfectly). Now files exist in this directory, but nextcloud doesn’t see them at all (i do refresh view, disconnect and reconnect… same result, it doesn’t see theses files).

Would you be interested for check it ?