External Storage setting shows only blank page

I recently installed Nextcloud from scratch on my Debian web server. Everything works as usual except the app external storage. When I open the configuration for the external memory in the administrator settings, I see only a white page. Anybody know what to do?

Reinstalltion solved this issue.

I have the same issue re-installation is not really an option for me (have been upgrading for a while, family uses it). Any solutions?

By the way it seems to load very briefly but then becomes white. For my fathers account, who actually uses the external storage, there is a list however I can’t do anything with it (only make the icon red, no idea what that does actually.)

I installed the Nextcloud 13.0 Docker image today and had the same problem - my solution was to go the External Storages page under the Administration settings, and enable the “Allow users to mount external storage” option. All the while that option is turned off, my Personal External Storages page is blank, while the admin option is enabled, my personal page is populated.

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