External storage problems in docker nextcloud

I need help to attach my external usb disk to nextcloud docker Container.

My disk is attached to my raspberry on:


In my docker compose file I have added the disk as volume:

  - /home/myuser/containers/nextcloud/files:/var/www/html
- /home/myuser/containers/nextcloud/data:/media/NVMe_1TB

This nextcloud docker compose file works great and is stored in /home/myuser/containers/nextcloud. After deployment I go to nextcloud webui and install the „external storage app“.
Then I create the mountpoint with:

docker-compose exec -u www-data nextcloud php occ files_external:create /media/NVMe_1TB/ local null::null

Now I have this:

 docker-compose exec -u www-data nextcloud php occ files_external:list
| Mount ID | Mount Point     | Storage | Authentication Type | Configuration | Options | Applicable Users | Applicable Groups |
| 5        | /media/NVMe_1TB | Local   | None                |               |         | All              |                   |

Then I login to nextcloud and go to file and then external storage. I see NVMe_1TB as local System. When I click on it I receive:

Fehler beim Einbinden des externen Speichers

Es ist ein Fehler mit folgender Meldung aufgetreten:InvalidArgumentException: No data directory set for local storage. Do you want to review mount point config in admin settings page?

When I click on yes I were redirected to the administration. Site of the external storage where I need to define:
Directory name, external storage: local, authentication, configuration

So when I put here name: NVMe_1TB and for configuration the data path: /media/NVMe_1TB then it creates a folder in nextcloud webui.

So now I create a file and this file is stored not in /media/NVMe_1TB which is the mount directory on Raspberry- it creates the file in home/neno/containers/nextcloud/data

So I assume my do Jer compose file is incorrect, right???

What I do wrong? Can anyone pls help???

Just a quick guess - once you successfully added external storage you should see additional folder representing it in your Web UI…

sorry I don’t use external storage because of this issue: