External Storage Performance | occ files:scan --all

10x better.

I only have Synology servers. I don´t know anything about “redis”. In which way I can check this?

There seems to be a way to install it: http://www.iholken.com/index.php/2016/03/16/install-redis-server-and-phpredis-extension-into-synology-nas-running-dsm-6-without-bootstrapping/

NC 11 also reduced the number of DB queries a lot (not sure about the scanning process). Perhaps worth a try.

I have 8 HDDS where 4 are external usb3 drivers in my nextcloud .
I installed the latest nextcloud in my server , but when o start the files scan it takes a very long time and i have no idea why .
On the web there is nothing related to this issue on how to fix it , since owncloud and nextcloud are similar platforms , a fix for 1 can work on the other .

I am using redis server as memcache .
_I had to do a ctrl+c on the command because i was already almost 3 hours waiting without my Disk4 even start to be scanned . (usually you know that by watching the led on that HDD .

Starting scan for user 1 out of 1 (pedro)
^CInterrupted by user

| Folders | Files  | Elapsed time |
| 5922    | 263447 | 02:47:48     |

Is there any solution to speed up the process ?

Finally i let my server doing the files scan all night , the result was :

Folders : 46814
Files : 785005
Elapsed Time : 13h 15m 31s

I am trying to figure why it took so long to catalog those files in db .
If anyone knows how to speedup the process then post here how to do it .

AFAIK scan spreed has nothing to duo with redis being or not being used.

Either it is due to drives latency or slow MySQL database.
For your amount of files, I guess that database is large. Perhaps the MySQL cache is too small to handle these kind of mass calls efficiently? But just a guess, as I lack insights :wink:.

mysqltuner or similar scripts could give some hints.

If there is a difference like 20 min vs 90 min, it would probably be interesting to know how much sql-queries are needed.

Trying to fix a NC15.0.8 issue.
occ scan Performance on a dual core intel Synology DS218+ is appalling (hours and hours).
CPU usage 2%, RAM 25%

Any ideas how to speed up?