External Storage not working

hi. i’m new to nextcloud and i urgently need your help. all the instructions i’ve seen so far show a table at the top of the screen where you can specify external storage services. however, i only have this font. for those who don’t speak english, it says: no external storage is set up or you don’t have permission to do so.

but i have already installed the google drive plugin. what do i have to do to set up this service?

there are two different settings pages to setup external storage.

  1. Server-wide settings as an admin
    login in with admin rights go to settings and scroll down to the server-settings. There you can either set up storages or “allow users to set up their own”.

  2. per user external storage (if allowed ffrom admin)
    login in as user or admin. go to settings and then scroll to first occurrance of external storage and you’ll get the page you already found !

currently it seems you (r admin) has not allowed users to set up their own ext. storage