External Storage Not Updating

Hi All,

I am facing an issue which i have been trying to solve for a long time now. Basically, i use nextcloud to connect it to our fileserver using external storage. The problem i am facing is that once a file is update, a folder is created, etc, changes does not get pushed/updates automatically on users PC’s. If i go and check online, do a refresh, then changes reflects in folder.

Can anyone help with this issue please?

I don’t have a solution for you but the problem has been driving me crazy for weeks.

I use NC on our Univention Server (UCS) and installed it there from the AppStore. This problem (changes on the external storage are not pushed to NC) only occurs since the update to 19.0.3. Before that it worked.

We connected NC to our fileserver via SMB/CIFS. What I have noticed is:


If I change something on the extrnal storage on the top level (\srv01.gehr.local\texts) (change file, create new file, folder …) this change is immediately passed on to the clients.

But if I make a change in a subfolder:


it takes hours until this change is passed on to the clients :frowning:

with best