External storage - no user segmentation


I post this mostly because I think maybe I did something wrong, I can’t imagine how this could be correct behaviour.

Normally, each user has their own storage tree, so one user cannot see another users files unless they are shared with the other.

But when system-wide external storage (in my case S3-type) is used, any user can see any files put there by any user!

I want external storage to behave like normal storage.

I tried both limiting that external storage to use by only one user and I tried configuring the external storage per one user (not system-wide). The problem then is if I need to share a folder that is on external storage the user it is shared with cannot upload to that folder. ( https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/5430 )

Suggestions? Thank you.

I do have the same problem, but no one here seems to answer. Did you resolve this?

No, I gave up on the built-in external storage option and mounted my storage another way, put my data directory there. Strange ‘feature’ as currently implemented, in my opinion.

Thank you very much for your quick answer! I guess I somehow misunderstood how this feature works.

Have a nice week!