External Storage Name after upgrade to 12.0.4

The problem I’m seeing is with the External Storage Name field on the Personal External Storage configuration page.
All External Storages on that page have the same name; ‘Seagate-Public’ in my case.
These storages do have correct names on the file browser pages and I can change the names properly on the configuration page. But when I return to the configuration page, they once again all have the same ‘default’ name.

The problem started with an update from 12.0.3 to 12.0.4
There are no errors reported.

Could there be a simple fix for this?

Perhaps a screenshot or two can help to explain?
The Configure External Storage page: All have the same name including a new unconfigured entry.

New user. I can only post one image per reply:
This is the top level files page where all names are correct:

If something breaks through an update, you can directly post on github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

The developers handling the external storage stuff are not very often on the forum.

FWIW: I found a resolution to this ‘problem’ this morning.

Nextcloud is actually working just fine. My password manager was actually filling in those fields with whatever data it thought should be there. I told the password manager to forget about the Nextcloud URL and everything came up as normal again.

I apologize for blaming the update.