External Storage - Check for Changes Background Job

Will the “Check for changes” option on external storage trigger the same background job as mentioned in the documentation? If so, is there any need for an additional cron job that runs sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all?


not really, but one of them run a T=5mns default or your choice,
The other runs a T=now

Ok, I see. I guess it might be a good idea to run it at certain scheduled intervalls in addition to when it is accessed.

Is it necessary to scan all files though? Is there a way to scan just the external storage locations/directories?

i would say no, but some apps might need those cron …

now, you can have multiples cron scanning different folder/user ( … i guess, not sure, never had to use it )

It is a funny thing because the documentation for external storage advises the use of the scanning you are referring to.

However, whenever I add files to the external storage from the outside (say, through the shell on the server), then it updates within nextcloud instantly. The same is not true for the internal storage, so I need to wait 5 minutes. I am not complaining. This just may help you decide if you need to scan like crazy. I bet you don’t!