External storage apps Dropbox, OneDrive and Google


The dedicated external storage apps for Dropbox, OneDrive and Google are not compatible with the actual versions of Nextcloud. That’s sad because customers do like that option.

Can someone tell me the expectations of this? When will these be compatible again or is it on a dead end?

Nextcloud has primarily been build to be the one and only save habour for your data. Storing data at the mentioned provider isn’t therefore part of the core functionality. The available apps have been created by 3rd-party developers, so that you need to ask them to update their apps. You find the relevant repositories here:

yes sure i know. But there are also a couple of options by using the default external storage app and the server encryption is available, so there are already some (by Nextcloud) supported external storage options available:)

As for earlier versions it was possible to have a connection with Dropbox, OneDrive or GDrive it is weird that it’s not supported anymore. And yeah i know it depends on the 3rd-party developers.
May’be this topic can help to get clear how many people are interested in this to get it supported again for the actual Nextcloud versions.

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