External Storage and Photos

Hi everyone, I have a Nextcloud server built in Unraid. I’ve enabled External Storage and am able to add/mount my folder where I store all my photos. I can browse to them using ‘Files’, no problem there.

My issue is the Photos. I have set my default folder to the External Storage folder I mapped. It initially scanned my folders and pulled in the images, but scanned duplicates. I rescanned using the command:

docker exec --user 99 Nextcloud php occ files:scan --all

and now, instead of just 2 copies, i have multiple copies of the same images under Photos. I also noticed the Photo’s folder under ‘Files’ has copied all the photos/files i have under my mapped External Storage folder.

Is there a way to resolve this? What is the proper way to make my External Storage folder the primary folder for ‘Photos’?


I am trying to accomplish this as well. Any luck getting it figured out? If there was a forum page you used would you mind sharing the link? :slight_smile:

Not much related, but might be handy, use Memories for your photos, rather than the defaultmphotos app.