External sites app

Dear Nextclouders,
I know the external sites app and habe tried it for several things.
However, I don’t know at the moment if the following is possible:

  • show a website, that is external to Nextcloud, but running on the same PC
  • that means, let’s say you run nginx with 2 sites and you want to show one of which in a subframe of Nextcloud
  • this should be possible from the outside/internet as well
  • someone needs to translate/proxy the “external” website calls?

Can this be achieved with the available tools or do I need anything that is not available at the moment?

Example: Run shell-in-a-box inside Nextcloud


It would be nice if they can package shellinabox together with fail2ban.

After many hours of tinkering, I finally got my nextcloud to work with a /shell location pointing to shellinabox at http://localhost:4200, AND using apache’s auth, BUT you also need to tweak the SSL virtualhost log output to /var/www/errors.log because that’s where fail2ban looks for.

What settings did you put in your conf file for /shell ? I’m curious :slight_smile:

Anyway I didn’t want to open a new topic, because it’s kind of related. I’m trying an alternative to Shellinabox called Wetty https://github.com/krishnasrinivas/wetty

Did you hear about it ?
It’s working fine as a standalone but it’s not when redirectiong inside my nextcloud.conf. I have blank page. The title page show me that is is ok, I’m sure, there is settings in the nextcloud.conf that block it.

By the way, i’m not sure it’s a good idea to have access shell access in your website ?