External site as default app

Hi, I’m trying to include and external forum into NextCloud. There’s no easy way to integrate users and login, but I can leave with it. So far I’ve been able to add the external site link in the top bar, but I would like to make the forum the default app the user will be leaded after login.

I think I should do that by editing the config.php and maybe adding the defaultapp option, but I don’t know how to specify the external site as default app.

BTW I’ve not been able to change the defaultapp even with other installed app, for instance I’ve tried:

‘defaultapp’=>‘dashboard’, (the dashboard app is active)


‘defaultapp’=>‘external/2’, (the link as it appears when I click on the external site icon)

but they don’t work.

Actually I’ve never been able to change the defaultapp behaviour.

I’m using the 12 server.

Any help?