External Share links are lost

I am have trouble with external share links, they are lost after a day or two. Here is the scenario:

Nextcloud 16.04
Ubuntu 18.04 stable
Maria DB 10.3.17
Server is located at Digital Ocean
Storage is a DO Spaces


  1. Create a folder in DO Spaces
  2. Upload images to the newly created folder in spaces
  3. Create a share link (share the folder) with expiry date to weeks forward
  4. Wait one day
  5. Add one image to the folder
  6. Share link is lost

We do not know if it is related to uploading new images or just timing issue. Furthermore, server clock is set to the current time and date.

Does anyone experience the same problem?

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Same problem with nextcloud 18 and 20 and an sftp external share.
And it looks like there is no answer to it.

I never lost a link. Can you post some details and an example?