External Samba files garbled after upgrade to 20.0.9

After upgrade to 20.0.9 on Linux 5.10.17-v8+ aarch64 on a raspberry pi 4 my external files access via SMB/CIFS are garbled. Local files to the raspberry pi seem to be fine. I have removed the external config and reconfigured it with no changes. Both audio and image files are garbled.

Did I do something wrong in the upgrade? Should I have waited?

PHP = 7.3.27
mysql = 10.3.27

Sounds like Files on SMB-share corrupted while up- and downloading · Issue #26457 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Must be corrupted on download as the shares are read only. The files are fine at the source but are only garbled when viewed with nextcloud apps and with cloudbeats.

Thank you. I will check out that thread. I didn’t see it when I searched.

The StringBuffer.php patch seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for the pointer.

Here is the link I used.