External registration and selfservice


I am using the Open Source PWM project for managing user registration, password reset selfservice and user support. I really likes this setup because PWM offers customiseable mailtemplates, OTP by mail, SMS and TOTP apps and it supports several different LDAP backends. Many of these features are not available in such featurerich offerings native in Nextcloud or any official apps.
With the External Password app and using the Nextcloud OpenID IDP app, I can do SSO to PWM and offer password change in an iFrame using external site, with all the needed extra sauce not possible in Nextcloud, aswell as any admin in NC can fluently go to support module of PWM to do advanced user support using same technique as above.
What I am missing is External registration app, like the external password app. However using the Login notes app I have added a href and just added the needed css classes, and it looks, feels and behaves excactly like the registration button from the registration app.

I can really recommend this setup, as it works brilliantly, for anyone using an LDAP backend.