External File Storage - how to share a file but prevent them from deleting it?


Is there a way to share a file (via external file storage) and pevent the intended user from deleting it?
I’ve tried sharing a file that was in an external file storage and unchecking the “Can edit” field, but the user who I’ve shared a file with is always able to delete the file.

i.e., this situation below does NOT prevent the user I’ve shared file with from deleting the file:

Sounds like a heavy bug. Which version? Please open in github.

Hi, could you please double-check if the file got really deleted? I mean deleted from your files/ the storage as well.
I’d expect that the user is only able to remove the file in the meaning of “stop the sharing”.
This would be the desired behavior in my point of view. Otherwise users could be “spammed” with shares. Furthermore a use user can “delete”/ unshare a file/ folder if the transfer is complete or the other user forgot to unshare.

Yes, it gets deleting for the original user that uploaded it too.

Issue seems to be because the External File Storage plugin’s settings has an “Available For:” section, which by default is for “all users”

And this setting seems to override any sharing, and make sharing irrelevant (i.e., all users always have all powers, even without sharing).