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Hi, I more or less got nextcloud 10 setup using this guide on my Pi3 running rasbian 8.

I’ve tested it and I can see and upload files from my debian machine on my home network using my private ip. However, the android app doesn’t connect. Where it asks for the server address, I use my public ip:


The error message is: The server took too long to respond.

I’ve forwarded ports 80 and 443 on my router. Can anyone help me figure out how to get this to work? Thank you.

Hi @komred

  • Do you have a real address where we can test this (just talking about the inital connect-test) and also
  • is your public ip a IPv4 or IPv6 since the Android client isn’t able to communicate to IPv6 addresses
  • can you access your Nextcloud installation this way via browser (from the outside)

I just checked and I can’t access it via a web browser either. So I guess there’s a configuration problem?

@komred yes, if it is not showing up in the web browser it is likely a server configuration issue, so I would recommend asking @MorrisJobke or @rullzer for example.

Okay. Can anyone help me configure NC so I can access my files from outside my home network? @MorrisJobke, @rullzer?

That somehow indicates that your network is not properly configured. Verify with your router documentation and perhaps on your providers forum if there are any known issues (e.g. some routers use port 443 for their own interface, so it can’t be used for your own services). Also double check the ip address that you really forward the requests to the right ip address. With tcpdump you can check on your server all incoming packages (if there are incoming packages but your webserver doesn’t respond, your network is ok and you need to take a look at your webserver).

If you’re accessing it internally OK, it suggests a network issue. Have you forwarded ports in the past with success? Have you triple checked the forwarding rules are as they should be?

What sort of infrastructure are you running there for your NC server and router?

What tcpdump command should I run in terminal to see if I’ve configured the network properly?

@JasonBayton, I’ve installed NC 10 on a raspberry pi3 running rasbian 8. I actually followed the write-up on your blog to get up and running. I have ee brightbox router. I followed the guide on the ee website to forward ports 80 and 443, but I’ve never done this before.

What config files should I be checking to make sure NC is listening to the right ports?

Sorry if these questions are really basic, I’m new to this sort of stuff.

Ahh, EE… I had one of their older boxes and never really enjoyed managing it. Nevertheless it did port forward for me. Can you do a port check?


Try 80 and 443 there, I’ve just tested a few ports I know I have open and it reported them correctly. Getting confirmation of the ports being open at least gives us more of an indication of where the issue lies.

Says both 80 and 443 are closed!

That’ll be it then. Try deleting and re-applying your port forwards, then reboot the router. Beyond that you may be better served over on the EE forums as they’ll have more intimate knowledge of the routers than I (and probably others here).

As I wrote earlier, if you can access NC from inside your network you should be fine once the forwards apply.

Okay I’ll try that. Thanks for your help.

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So I just realised that my PS4 has ports 80 and 443 already forwarded to its IP. So in this case, what should I do? Can I get nextcloud to listen to different ports?

Technically, you can still run Nextcloud on these ports, you just need to forward a different port:
external_ip:8888 -> nextcloud-server:443