External Access Problem with Nextcloud Pi 2 with CusDeb image

I am working with a Raspberry Pi 2 using a ready-made image that I purchased from Cusdeb and am having trouble connecting via external access to the server. I am asking here, because nothing appears to be wrong with the Cusdeb image as I can access the server on the local network. I am quite the neophyte in these matters so I wasn’t quite sure where to ask such a question. My router is an ATT 5031NV, and I have already ran a test to determine that I am only passing through one router.


Their wiki: https://cusdeb.com/w/Nextcloud_on_Raspberry_Pi/en

I have followed the instructions to flash the image, connect the raspberry 2 with micro-sd card to my router, and have done all I can think of doing as well as from looking up search results in the forums to try to figure out why I can only access the server on the local network and not from outside the network.

Here’s what I have so far:

1.) I can access the server on the local network with my pi’s IP address:

2.) I have the local IP address as fixed, but I’m not sure if the other settings complement well or conflict.

LAN IP Address Allocation

3.) Port Forwarding rules have been applied (Cusdeb has it set so that only 8001 can be applied to access server. I’m not sure if that’s a problem as I can’t access it via :443/nc or :80/nc ). Also, as clearly seen, the public IP address has been whited out.

4.) I have confirmed that I only have one router.


5.) I haven’t had much luck with port testing tools as some of the online ones show success or failure, and the PCWinTech one won’t allow me to use any other local IP address than the computer I’m working on now, which is different from the IP address of the ubuntu server.

Let me know if there is a better place to put this question at, but thanks in advance for any help!

As an update, when I typed in my public IP address while disconnected from my home network using my phone I was given an error regarding trusted domains. This to me suggests that the 8001 port is actually open.


I accessed /srv/nextcloud/config.php and added in ‘mypublicIPaddress:8001’ and the domain for a NO IP given domain, using the template on the same link that I posted above. However, now I have an Error Connection Refused for both urls. Any ideas on what I can do? The most popular diagnosis is that there is a firewall issue, but if I want several people to be able to access this server with their own usernames and passwords, then are they going to have the same problem?

I guess, there might be a typo or syntax error in the /srv/nextcloud/config.php file and it crushes the Nextcloud server. I think so because Error Connection Refused happened after editing the config. Please have a look at log file /srv/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log

If you flash the Nextcloud image to another SD card and initialize Nextcloud by opening http://yourPublicIPaddress:8001 in a browser, the issue will gone. Nextcloud creates config on the first initialization, so it will add the proper IP-address to the ‘trusted_domains’ section of config.php.

Hope that helps