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Actually it is not a problem I am facing. I am new to NextCloud and I need some help. I have a current installation and I need to backup all users Data to an external drive or at leat to another partition, just incase of data loss. Also to be able to restore any single file that users might need. But I can only find only the data of 2 users under /var/www/nextcloud/data. But where are the other user’s data stored?

I noticed there is mysql database. Is the data stored in the database?
Kindly need assistance on this.

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Hi @danissa, how many users have you ? for the user doesn’t have a folder in /var/www/nextcloud/data, are they already connected to your server? if not it’s normal they not have any folder in this directory.
All the data of users are stored in /var/www/nextcloud/data and the database is only for links, store parameters and some other things but not to store the data of the users.
You have to make a back up of the data and the database.

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I have around 9 users. So what I did understand that all users data is stored under /var/www/nextcloud/data folder? If a user has no folder under /var/www/nextcloud/data directory, this means he has no data, right?

Hey @danissa hope you are doing well…

First of all, let’s understand some things:

a) Please check if you have encryption enabled on your server.

b) All of these 9 users use nextcloud frequently or you don’t have that info? Because if they never logged into nextcloud they will not have a folder created in /var/www/nextcloud/data, the folder is only created when they log for the first time.

c) What I suggest you to do, is to copy all the data inside that folder (including the hidden ones, like the .ocdata), to your external hard drive or any other place.

d) On your database is only information about the apps/server/users, but not any data like images, videos or music, for exemple.

Hope I made myself clear and you could understand it.

If you have any doubt, please ask.

Have a nice weekend, all the best!



Though that is absolutely correct, I would phrase it a bit different to be clearer: only the users files are stored in the filesystem (in Nextclouds data-folder); everything else (calendars, addressbooks, bookmarks etc…) is stored in the database.

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Thank you all for your replies. I think I have all the answers now