Export / Import

Hello. Is there anyplace I can go for a step by step guide to import and export decks? I have three different nextcloud servers and all three have different deck boards that I have to mannually keep in sync. one. card. at. a. time. I am really tired of having to manually sync them.

I found a python script that says it does it, but I dont know how to code or use python.

Regarding the mentioned python script: Are you using windows or linux as operating system?

I guess you mean this script:

  1. Download it
  2. Replace lines 2-7 with your Nextclour instance URLs, usernames and passwords
  3. Step 4 depends on your operating system: See instructions to execute the script on windows and linux

this does not work for me. I am using debian10 linux. I renamed the script and made it executable and replaced all the urls and passwords and stuff.

Every time I try to run the script it says:

File “NC1-NC2.py”, line 13
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Also, one of the three servers I am using does use selfsigned certs, and never touches the internet (which does break a bunch of nextcloud stuff). will i need to not use https in the urls?