Export folder structure and files as csv, json or txt file?

Hey folks,

is there a way or it would be nice to have the option to export folder structure with subfolders and files as text similar to CMD commands: dir /b /s > exported.txt or tree /f >exported.txt.

Or export as a list in Excel or CSV from the frontend.

Any ideas?

Thanx :slight_smile:

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From my point of view this possible can be solved in two ways:

  • set-up a cron job on your server which creates that file for you on a regular base.
    (find /full-path-to-data-directory-of -a-user > /path/exported.txt)

  • use the flow_script app and execute a command to create that file based on file creation, modification, deletion events, etc.

Thank you @j-ed appreciate your help.

This solution is nice but it would be better when the office user (client)
could export it himself as a list of the names, folders and subfolders/files.

Anyway, thank you for that solution :slight_smile:

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This is a good idea, for someone who dose not know how to write scripts like this a UI option would be helpful!

Both described ways can be set-up by an administrator once for all users and the generated file can e.g. be placed in the document root directory of each user, so that it’s a one-click solution to access that information.

I understand and thank you for your time.

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