Export Events from Calendar to embed in website

Good day. I would like to create and manage a calendar within Nextcloud. I also want to take events from that calendar and embed them on our website. I tried embedding the calendar on the website using the “embedding code” from the calendar app in Nextcloud. That embeds the whole calendar and it doesn’t look good when transitioning from a web browser used on the desktop to a web browser on a mobile device. I would like to export events as they show up in the calendar into a nicely formated list to embed on the website. Is there such a script or an app out there that will do this? I am not an expert in html coding, maybe there is a better way to embed the calendar in an agenda view. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Static website? Wordpress?

Would you be able to post some screenshots of how the calendar looks vs. what you are hoping for. Thanks!