Export document as PDF

I tried today to save an open document in Collabora as a PDF (download as PDF). This didn’t work unfortunately - nothing gets downloaded. Exporting to Word (doc) though worked.

Is there an additional dependency to download to PDF?

[using LOOLWSD 2.0.4, LOKit Collabora Office 5.1-21]

Download as PDF still not working with the latest CODE docker image.
Also it looks as if exporting to Word only results in an empty file.

Is this supposed to work?

Works for me.

I’ve looked into this issue again after quite a while.
Turned out that one setting on the Apache reverse proxy configuration was the culprit.

I had this (apparently from an older setup instruction):
AllowEncodeSlashes On

Once I’ve changed this to the value document in the current setup instruction, the download in all formats is working:
AllowEncodeSlashes NoDecode