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I’ve been reading that importing recipes is somewhat a challenge. I assume that once a recipe has been added to cookbook, it should be relatively easy to export and share with others who use the same app?

If we could batch export and import, it might be nice to have a place to share. Perhaps here on a pinned thread.

I really like the way the recipes get laid out. Very useful.

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I was looking for info on how to make all recipes available to all users on your nextcloud server. Or is there no way?

Currently we do not (yet) have a way to officially share a recipe (or a collection thereof) between users. There is the trick to share the basic folder that stores the recipes and configure the cookbook app accordingly. This will enforce the same recipes for both users.

We plan to extend this in the future but need to change some parts under the hood to simplify the handling and avoid overly complex manual parsing.

I hope this helps.

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What you can always do (at the moment at least) is to go to the files app, navigate to the recipes folder and copy the folders of the recipes to share. The folders can be zipped and shared by just popping the recipe folders in the destination NC’s recipe folder.

Dos it make sense, what I am saying?

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It does!

I’ll test this soon.

I don’t have many for now, but I’m willing to share what I have so far. Anyone else?