Export a tree structure to a flat structure


Is there a way to export the tree structure (folders and subfolders) to a flat structure ?
I would like to have a flat structure in text form so that others can think about the hierarchy of our files.


Do you have shell access to your Nextcloud. Install the package tree.

Look Debian tree or Ubuntu tree.

Screenshots tree

I’m sorry but I haven’t a shell access. So, I would like to have only directories (not files).


Can you install websites (html, php, …)? Then you can use the single php-file-manager phpfm. Only copy index.php in an empty directory and open it. Maybe use .htaccess to use user authentication for security. Or think of a complicated folder name see xkcd: Password Strength. :wink:

On the left site you can see the dirs and open them look this screenshot.
After opening the dirs you can make a screenshot of the tree from your browser.