Expiration date is in the past - share link Desktop app only

Server System:
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Nextcloud 28.0.3

Client System:
Windows 10 pro (another on WIndows 11 Pro)
Desktop client 3.12.3

Create Share & click ‘expiration date’ checkbox & checkbox immediately unticks. Main dialog says ‘Experiation date is in the past’.

This was an issue on NExtcloud server 28.0.2, but was and is fixed in 28.0.3 in the web interface, but not on the desktop client.

i.e. We can go via the web interface and set a share and expiration date with no issue. Unable to do the same in the desktop client.

Does anyone have suggestions or a fix that I have missed in the forum?

Feel free to let me know if anyone needs other information.