Experimental demo: rootless podman with quadlets and socket activation (nginx)

I created a demo of running nextcloud with rootless podman by using quadlets (aka container unit files).

status: experimental

The container images used:

image comment
localhost/nginx based on a slighly modified example from nextcloud-docker github project
localhost/nextcloud based on library/nextcloud from dockerhub

The text Nextcloud can be seen when running curl:

$ curl -s localhost:8080  | grep title
			Nextcloud		</title>

For data storage two directories were used

  • ~/shared_html/
  • ~/mariadb_data/

After running the demo I can see that the directories only contain directories and files belonging to the regular user on the host.

This was done on a Fedora CoreOS machine which has podman 4.7.0.

I created the demo to see if I could run nextcloud with multiple containers and use
bind-mounted directories as storage where the files have ownership as my regular user.
See also Rootless NFS Volume Permissions: What am I doing wrong with my Nextcloud/MaraiDB/Redis pod? · containers/podman · Discussion #20519 · GitHub