Experiences of being in the clouds too long

step 1. I give my dinky and dusty raspberry pi 3 a shot
HAHA. I think the amount of packages I was throw at my robo boy all at once to reboot and have a whole gripload of start up service just waiting. he basically had a meltdown. and tapped out real quick.

step 2. Preconfig’d VMs. how hecka lot of space but dang if this work out the box . ya boy is sold. I found myself hitting caveat one other then only to unkwownly step into spooky town where every next click im told HEY HEY ! did you do that proper enough. - everything will crumble if you make a hiccup on line 12 section a 3 windows ago. Okay. point taken. I will live it to those more equiped.

ANYWAY. My approach is that of pure vanilla. Ubuntu 20.04, snapd,… oh its done already. That was… was pleasant.

Anyone would like to share there experiences with self hosted and the like!? I’m new btw. golly good community seemily so far. but I got my eyes on become level 4 trust LEADER!!!

Snap is very easy, but missing some dependencies for functionality that is important to me like smb.