Experienced NextCloud System Admin

We prefer you to work from the Southeast or Eastern-Europe, remotely!

Before apply to check THE DETAILS: crnw.uk/NextCloud

-Long term experience with NextCloud and Server administration!!! —
-Must be able to play a key role in ensuring the availability of cloud service, the security of client data, and smooth delivery of new code releases and longer-term architecture projects, including on-premise deployments of software.
-You will also work closely with the remote development team (based in Eastern Europe). -Experience in working for different companies/teams/startups before
-Good spoken and written English (MUST!)
-Good understanding of business needs and ability to think of a smart, fast, and easy solution for those needs
-Advantage if you know how to work with AWS, another programming language, and frameworks

The most complex task will be that if you are logged in to NExtCloud then you don’t need to separately login to Wekan that is NextCloud external app.

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Position as per project or as an admin for the long term is still open!

Hi Mate.
i can able to support on your requirement…
please drop me your mail id or skype id where we can able to discuss on the requirement.

Hi, thanks,
Just as stressed at the start, we are preferring someone which is located in Europe, concretely in Eastern or Southeastern Europe

Ho Sorry.i belongs to india.