Experience with IONOS managed Nextcloud

Hi, I have a new “managed Nextcloud” with IONIS. Not a managed server with nextcloud, but a completely managed nextcloud. So no updates etc. just using nextcloud.
Sounds great.

Installation was easy.
I found two issues.
Collabora Office doesn´t work (server and app can be installed, but it just doesn´t work (see Collabora on IONOS managed server)
Only Office doesn´t work ether. The community server cannot be installed.

There is no support for installed apps and with not beeing admin you cannot do anything.
As of 9. July 2021 the run V20.

I am disappointed, but if you only need basic nextcloud features this might be a good alternative.
btw. you pay 6-20€ per month depending on space and speed.
It is a gamble to see if an app is running or not. There is no documentation about anything except the wonderful IONOS products.

Are there any other experiences with IONOS managed Nextcloud?

thank you

Why don’t you get a bottom rung AWS? Then you can run NC with anything you like on it.

I set it up for a sports club. There is nobody with admin skills.
Managing nextcloud is more than enough.
And this is the idea of a managed system.
My issue with the ionos solution is, that you enver know what you gonna get. If they tell you “this app is not running” etc. then you can decide if the solution is for you. But now it´s a surprise package.

The one-size-fits-all approach… Looks like this is the only way for them to make money…

Considering how many issues GitHub lists with NC apps, I’m not surprised they try to avoid them

I happened to try both with IONOS

1- VPS M package (80GB) running nextcloud and a HiDrive cloud storage (250GB) attached as an external storage through webdav (total 330 GB)

2- Managed nextcloud with IONOS (512GB)

The speeds with managed nextcloud are frankly horrible.
No way (that I could find) to run Collabora online.

Open to any suggestions in achieving a fully functional google suite replacement more economically.


I tryed that too and my biggest negative point is the update strategy.
No documentations about updating minor releases, the installed version was outdated! → Security hole!
And you never know when they update the major version.
Think about running a community app, if that one is not supported (yet) for the next major release, it’s your problem. IONOS will update at their plans.
Be careful.

But if you have no admin experiance and need only the (great) basically features. I would say welcome IONOS, the storage for that price is quite well.


Just to update on what I’ve settled for:

I decided to use the IONOS VPS M package coupled with the HiDrive as external drive attached to it.

The managed nextcloud was truly unbearable.