Experience with Grafana for data visualization?

Hi guys!

I need to analyze the data stored in the database. For this reason I want to visualize the data for better understanding. This is also an advantage if external people need an overview of the data. For this purpose I did some research and there are some open source visualization tools. I would then manage them using the cloud service Aiven. Graphite seemed to be popular, but the problem is that I can’t access multiple data sources, so I never have all the data available. One tip I got was Grafana. However, Grafana is a bit more complex than Graphite, and I don’t know if that would be too extensive - but it would also be open source, so you could at least test it. As far as I understood, I can access several data sources with Grafana and even have the data displayed in charts.

Has anybody ever made any experiences with Grafana? Can you recommend it?

Haven’t tried Grafana with Nextcloud but it’s a nice tool.

The quality of the graphs will depend on your data sources. Can’t say if Nextcloud generally lends itself towards this use.

Btw we’re not just guys :wink: